Beyond What You Imagined Possible

Not everything in life runs smooth and straight. The corners do not always line up, the edges are not always perfectly square and the color does not always stay within the lines. The goal is not to control everything in order to make it perfect because nothing in this life is ever perfect. Everything always has a flaw or something that cannot be controlled.

We live under the illusion that we are in control and can keep all the plates spinning with nothing ever going wrong. Illusion is the right word because it seems that everyone else has things under control when in reality they are struggling with life when it goes outside the lines. The answer here is not to work harder to maintain control. The real solution and realistic perspective is to handle the unplanned, out of control and live with things when they end up outside of the lines.

Some of the wisest people I know are not the ones who do everything perfectly, they are the people who know how to keep moving forward in the midst of things going awry. They embrace when things go outside the lines and somehow make it look like they meant for that to happen. Life is not about being in control. Living a full life is about learning to embrace what life brings to your door whether it was planned or not. Some of the best moments we experience are when we navigate beyond the lines and allow ourselves to go in an unexpected direction.

My wish for you this coming year is to enjoy a life full of drawing outside the lines and letting the unexpected take you beyond what you imagined possible.

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