What Only You can Bring into This World

I was shopping in a hardware store and happened to look up. They had turned flower pots into lamps, fun and brilliant. I had seen this idea in magazines but never in real life. I was inspired to see this idea move from picture to reality.

Something amazing happens when our thoughts, ideas and inklings invade our real world. When what we thought might be possible turns into reality. It is in these moments we realize that we can do things that matter, that change our world, and that make our lives so much better. Our self confidence soars and more ideas begin to foster further thought and action.

All it takes is one special moment when we move from idea to action; when we take what we think is possible and turn it into reality. One moment of confidence, hope, and courage. So what idea has been rattling around in your head daring you to do something about it? You know the one you keep tossing back and forth reorganizing the pieces until they fit into the picture in your mind in exact order. THAT idea, you know which one I mean.

Maybe today is the day you start making the move to turn your idea into reality. Maybe today is the day you stop thinking and start doing. And maybe your idea won’t change the entire world, it will only change your world…no matter what it changes it is your idea and deserves to see the light of day. So get going, get ready, and get moving. The rest of us are waiting to see your idea in broad daylight and to experience what only you can bring into this world.

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