A Christmas Cookie

We lost our dear cat Artie this year, which means our other cat Buschi has been without a friend and playmate. Yesterday we brought ‘Cookie’ home from the Pickens County Animal Shelter. She is around ten weeks old, a bundle of energy and has stolen our hearts. She and her big brother Buschi have already shared a meal, placed in the same space, and stolen each other’s toys. I think she ill be a great addition to our menagerie. Now everybody in our household has a friend.

This time of year it can feel so lonely to be far away from family and friends. Being alone and isolated means different things to different people. Some people feel alone in a crowd, others feel alone at parties, and still others struggle with it every year around this time. The holidays can be brutal on our emotions.

With all the planning, parties, shopping and festivities it is important for us to be on the look out for those in need, whether the need is physical, spiritual or emotional. We all have needs and this time of year those needs can feel overwhelming and unbearable. Maybe you can’t bring a new pet home, but you could volunteer at a shelter and pet the animals. Maybe you can’t afford lots of gifts yet you have time and energy to invest in people. Maybe you can give an act of service or a bit of your time just listening to people, letting them know they are worth the effort and not forgotten.

We are thankful for our little Cookie and will let her serve as our reminder that everyone needs a friend; everybody needs somebody to love.

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