A Catch Phrase from Jane

I sat next to Jane yesterday in the doctor’s office. She is in her late seventies and full of zest. She teaches dance four days a week, two days in Woodstock and two days at the community center. She always tells her students, “Rest is rust, motion is lotion!” She told me her catch phrase at least five or six times. She could not say enough about how important it is to stay active. She recently downsized to an apartment and told me, “If I want to play in the garden I go do it at my daughter’s house.”

Throughout our conversation she had opinions and thoughts and wasn’t afraid to share them. She looked great, she felt great, she spread energy and a passion for life everywhere she went. I was encouraged to see someone at her age still pushing herself and others to keep moving, keep living, and to keep doing whatever they could to live life to it’s fullest.

As I talked with Jane she told me she had her fair share of health challenges, but she walked thirty minutes everyday. “I beat the cancer,” she told me, “I take a bit of medication, and I just keep moving. It makes all the difference to just keep moving.” Solid words from someone who has lived and is still living her catch phrase.

No matter what is going on with you today, keep moving. Life will throw us all curve balls and strikes, the key is to keep moving. Rest is rust, motion is lotion. I’ll take Jane’s word for it and keep moving.

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