The Holidays & All The Other Things

Christmas is one week away and the mad dash continues to get things ready. Whether it is the holiday season, summer vacation or a big family event, the holidays include hard work on top of all the other things. Things like laundry, cleaning, cooking, taking care of bills, doctor’s appointments, the care and feeding of pets and children (sometimes one in the same), and everything else it takes to live life. Just because it is close to a holiday does not mean all these other things go away or can be ignored.

I spent the day doing laundry which reminded me that life doesn’t stop just because big things are happening. Everything goes on as normal which is important, and yet the timeframe of an impending holiday somehow makes urgent usurp important. It happens to us all the time, something comes along that demands our urgent attention which means we lose focus on what is really important. Whew! It can be exhausting, robbing us of the joy associated with the holiday or special event.

Let my laundry day be a reminder to you that life is full of important things that need to get done to keep our lives in line. Urgent things will always come up, so putting the important in perspective with what’s urgent helps keep our attitude in line. Christmas will still comes even if the hamper is full of dirty clothes. Sure special meals are wonderful, yet the people will still enjoy being together even if it is not the best meal ever served at your table. Remind yourself to keep things in perspective, people are more important than any to do items.

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