The Best Wrapped Gifts

The last few packages are arriving at our house. We placed a metal container on the outside of our fence for delivered packages. Outside? Yes, outside. Our puppies Biscuit & Gravy have been chewing the ones left inside the gate, so much so that today they destroyed one for my parents from their oldest grandchild…%$)U^(%#tu(G#@@!!!!! Puppies will be puppies and left unattended they WILL find a way to have fun. No worries, Santa has a plan.

I do have to admit that I have learned about how to handle puppies and all our wrapped gifts are behind closed doors in a room where the puppies are not allowed to enter. Not sure how Christmas Day will go, probably going to spend a great deal of time shooing them away from the trash cans.

The holiday is not about giving or receiving the perfectly wrapped gift. The season is about giving of ourselves no matter how it is wrapped. It is about knowing that you are loved and cared for and that you matter to someone in this world, whether you receive a gift or not. Christmas is about wanting to give of ourselves and sharing our emotions, generosity and kindness with others. The best wrapped gift is the one that comes with a big smile, a hug, and maybe a twinkle in your eye.

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  1. Little Bit took all orders from Sharla. My instructions were deemed ‘suggestions’. I wondered whether it was you or Kevin who they mind more. I’m guessing it is you.

    Today is Sharla’s birthday.


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