Everyone Needs to be Reminded

We have family living overseas and we use a free app to stay in touch. Today I conversed with them and was blessed and astounded to be able to type and ‘talk’ with them free of charge. We chatted about how their day was starting and if it was beginning to feel like Christmas in their end of the world. They sent pictures, I sent pictures, they gave us newsy updates and shared how they are doing. One little app allows us all to stay in touch And to let them know they matter to us.

I know this type of app has been around for a while, and yet for me it truly is a Christmas miracle. Being able to tell the people you love that you love them and hope they are well makes the distance seem not so far. It is as if Santa delivered a gift and put it right under the tree knowing that our loved ones would be inside that box ready to give and receive simple words of love.

We forget that miracles are all around us, even if they are miracles of technology. Being able to do what we do in this day and age – send packages overnight, talk to people living across the globe, buying anything we want by simply going online – these are the miracles of our times. At the touch of a button or by speaking words into a device we are able to do almost anything imaginable.

I am reminded that not everyone has the blessings technology provides due to the circumstances that comprise their world, so it is our job to reach out and give however we can to help their world get better. Be it giving through an app or organization, sharing our own excess with those less fortunate or helping a stranger from a foreign land enjoy the holiday season for the first time in their new home. Let’s not hide behind the technology and forget that there are people on the other end needing, hurting, hoping that this holiday season someone will share with them words of comfort and joy. Tell the people around you that you care, be it via an app, a hug, a kind word or a plate of cookies. Everyone needs to be reminded that they matter to someone.

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