My Husband’s New Mistress is Named Jolene!

Watch the video:

My husband turns sixty years old today. Almost two years ago he told me to forget the day and do nothing; he knew it would be a hard number for him to swallow. No balloons, no black shirts or signs in the yard, no email blasts or surprise parties. He just wanted the day to go by without any fanfare. I respected those wishes, sort of…

What do you do for someone who means the world to you who wants their special day to slip by? I thought about what has he wanted that he would not buy for himself or let us buy, and I had my answer. He has always wanted a 1940s Chevrolet Pickup Truck, the more vintage the better, it has been on his bucket list for over thirty years. So the search began, challenge accepted!

I kept the year long search close to the vest and employed a select few to keep their eyes open. My brother Ben found the truck in St Charles, Illinois this past October, six weeks from the birthday deadline. I bought the car, got it insured, shipped it and hid it in my friend’s company warehouse until Ben came down for Thanksgiving. Once ‘she’ arrived we brought her home. The video (the url is under the photo) is a compilation of Kevin seeing her for the first time and his daily outings in his dream truck.

This truck is a 1940 Model J, 1/2 ton eight cylinder truck. The original engine has been replaced with a corvette engine, so she is full of power with a deep growl. My husband has named her Jolene, rather appropriate as the Dolly Parton song talks about Jolene with emerald eyes taking away her man, simply because she can. A sign painter is standing at the ready to paint our gallery logo on the side and dub her Jolene by adding her name to the truck cab.

It is an amazing adventure to watch someone’s dreams come true, especially when so many people could be part of this one. Many thanks to everyone who provided ideas, suggestions, and input on how to make Kevin’s bucket list item come to live at our house. My husband’s new mistress is name Jolene and I’m glad she can add such joy and excitement to his next sixty years. I’m not sure how I will compete with such a beauty, but I will give it my darnedest! Happy birthday Kevin!


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