What’s the Big Deal About a Birthday?

We all have them, they mean different things to different people, and yet birthdays come around each and every year. Some cultures celebrate them with elaborate and distinctive methods, others do not even know the date of when they were born. Depending upon where you are in life your desire to celebrate and acknowledge your birthday may change.

For some people their birthday is a reminder that they are getting older. For others their birthday is a day to make big decisions and look forward to changes in their life. Some people see their birthday as a chance to celebrate and remember, and for some their birthday is a day they would rather forget altogether in hopes that the day passes by rather quickly. We each have a thought process and expectations around our birthdays, getting to know people means getting to know what is important to them on their special day.

Over the years I have participated in, planned and observed a variety of birthday celebrations at work. I have worked at companies that gave employees a plant on their birthday, others employers provided cake, others took the birthday person out for lunch, and some even gave a day off. No matter what it was the message was clear, you are important enough for us to pay attention to your birthday. Not everyone enjoyed what their employer did and yet everyone around the office cooler talked about who’s birthday was next and what was the plan. No one solution works for everyone and yet being forgotten on that day is a real bummer.

Our birthday is the one day when we are reminded that we are unique, living, and part of this big universe. It is the day when we were brought into this world to exercise our special gifts and change the world just by being who we are. Our birthday is a reminder that no matter what is going on in our world a day above ground is a good day, even if it means we are one year older.

So here’s to the birthday boys and girls we all know and love, my Mom who turns 81 is amongst today’s special group. Thank you for the joy and love your have brought into our lives, and we wish you many more years of bringing the world your special gifts.

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