It’s All About Our Choice of Attitude

This year there is one less week between Thanksgiving and Christmas, which means that everyone seems to be in a hurry to get ready. The traffic has gotten horrendous and the shoppers are a bit more aggressive than usual. I went out last night and found myself surprised by the people and their behaviors. I had to remind myself of the time pressures as a way to excuse the bad behaviors.

As I was heading back to my hotel I was saddened that the commercialization of the holidays had taken the joy out of it all. This time of year is not about stuff, or gifts, or having the perfect decorations. This time of year is about celebrating the gifts we have whether they are shiny or dull, hand-me-downs or brand new. It is about spending time with the ones we love, being together, and giving thinks for another year behind and the adventures of the year to come.

As we have less than three weeks from Christmas Day, let’s work together to focus on ending the year on a positive note and setting an example of good cheer with kindness across all our avenues of life. Let us be reminded that it is not a rat race to win but a season of joy, and sometimes we have to be the one who brings back the joy for others.

That being said, I put a lilt in my step and hummed a Christmas carol as I walked the hotel halls to me room. I decided that the rat race of the holidays would be better with one more voice of holiday cheer and joy instead of one more rat. Join me in bringing the joy back to the people in your world to serve as a reminder than it doesn’t have to be a blur, it’s all about our choice of attitude!

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