It’s the Conversations that Matter

If your holidays are anything like mine there is lots of food, lots of festivities, lots of people. There is time spent watching movies, playing games, and just talking. There are places to see, things to do, experiences to have, and there is always more talking. When it all boils down to the most important part of the holidays it is the conversations that matter.

I think this is true about most parts of life. Sure doing things and making things that last over time is important, however if we do not share and teach these skills to others so they can carry them forward, then what is it all about? People learn through practice and encouragement, which means talking to them.

If we want our children to learn how to make decisions, we have to allow them to make decisions good or bad. Either way we then need to be there to talk to them about what went right, what went wrong, and talk through how they want it to go differently next time. When there is no one to talk it through the lessons can be lost.

The ability to talk to people is a key element of life. No one has to have an infinite number of friends, we need just one person we can count on no matter what to talk it through, talk us down, tell us the truth and tell us how much we are loved. It may be a boss, a friend, a companion, a spouse, a parent or a trusted advisor. Whoever it may be, the words they say and how they listen provides more than words can express.

Let your conversations this week be ones that impact lives for the better no matter the situation.

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