A Tale of Two Turkeys

We had a small gathering for Thanksgiving this year, and yet we enjoyed two turkeys. Why two, you ask? One was baked and one was smoked. We wanted to ensure that we had enough for leftovers, and we are still eating it. It is day four and we are still not near the end of the leftovers, and we’re okay with that.

Sometimes we need to over prepare in order to meet the need. We need to accommodate for everyone involved, which may mean doing a bit more work so that everyone has something to enjoy. Sure it takes more time and money and yet in the end the result is totally worth it.

When was the last time you were the recipient of someone else’s extra effort? When was the last time you felt welcome, important, wanted and appreciated all at the same time? It is an amazing moment when you realize someone cared enough to go the extra mile, to cook two turkeys simply so you would have enough leftovers.

Who do you love enough to go that extra mile? Who needs to know that you care for them so much that you would work extra for them to feel loved? And what are you willing to do?

The tale of two turkeys is really the difference between thinking about something and actually doing it. Anyone can joke or jest about going the extra mile, doing it silences all doubts.

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