Being Open to the Unexpected

Believe it or not this is a wonderful ice cream, black sesame flavor. My step daughter Ashe ordered it in Kyoto and we all thought it sounded interesting…then it arrived. At first she was a little put off by the color and texture, then she tried it. We all tried it and it was amazing!

As I was scanning back through my photos from our trip, I saw this and was reminded that the best part of ourselves is often the piece we find when doing something beyond ourselves. Which means we have to be willing to be open to the unexpected, the unknown, the things we have yet to experience. It takes courage and a willingness to risk to find our missing pieces. It means willing to make mistakes and maybe pay for a dessert or two only to find out that you didn’t like it at all…or that you loved it.

As this year comes to a close there is still time to find your missing pieces and learn more about yourself. There is still time to try something new, do something new, or complete that project that has been nagging at your brain since Spring. Now is the time to determine what it is you want to learn and experience that has the potential to go well or go bad, and not knowing the outcome is sometimes half the fun. Maybe today is the day you try black sesame ice cream and find out that it is your new favorite.

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