Reasons to be Thankful: Quiet

I have been doing a lot of Executive Coaching this week, talking non stop for hours on end. I enjoy it and am glad to give back to my clients. When I finally hung up the phone I was thankful for silence.

We live in a world full of stimulation beyond our ability to process let alone control, which means we have become accustomed to hearing noise and the thought of intentionally being silent seems strange. This Thanksgiving week I am thankful for quiet. I am thankful that I can have silence in my home and life, and I am glad to be able to turn the world off if only for a while.

All of us need a time and place to be able to release the burdens on our shoulders and bask in silence. We need time to breathe deeply, fill our lungs with air and release it slowly allowing everything within our being to move towards calm. We need time to give our ears, our eyes, and all our senses a break from stimulation to find our inner center. We cannot do that if we are always looking at, listening to, or searching technology.

I have many client who are afraid of silence. I encourage them to harness the power of silence, to embrace it, to use it to allow other people to engage. If we are always talking or filling the room with input there is not time to process any of the information we have received. We need to embrace the power of silence and let it invade our souls.

Today I am thankful for silence and the ability to have quiet in my world. I am changed when I am quiet, it brings out my best and allows me to serve others at a higher level. This week I am thankful for quiet.

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