Reasons to be Thankful: Home

I was sitting in my home office looking out the window, and I was thankful for where I live. I enjoy having a space where I can have peace and quiet. Right now the trees are shedding their leaves and Winter is quickly approaching. The sparse treetops and leaf laden spaces bring a sense of calm and purpose to this end of year tradition while reminding me that life is about cycles and everything that goes around will come back around next year.

It is a blessing to be able to have a safe place to live, a place that can be called home where ideas, people and food of every size, shape and flavor gather simply to be together. Home comes in all sorts of packages and one home is not any more important than another. The single Mom providing for her children is no more precious than the retired couple living in quiet still savoring each other’s company. Home is where we are loved, rest, rejuvenate and feel like we can show our best and worst.

Home is the place where we start and end each day, where we live, work and play, and where we gather with others to share our lives. Be it big or small, elaborate or sparse the word home means something to us all. As we draw closer to Thanksgiving let us give thanks today for the places we call home, the people who have helped make it a place we want to be, and let us remember those still searching for and creating their own sense of home. Take a walk around your home and be thankful for what it provides to make your life better each and every day.

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