Reasons to be Thankful: Pie

I was doing some retail therapy this evening and was astounded to find that it was difficult to find anything to do with Thanksgiving. Everywhere had moved past Thanksgiving right into Christmas. I bought something and the clerk asked me if my house was decorated for Christmas, I told her I refuse to bypass Thanksgiving so my house does not have anything Christmas yet. She agreed with me and told me she too waited until after Thanksgiving.

We’re heading into the Thanksgiving Holiday week and I am reminded of so many reasons I have to be thankful so the thought of skimming through it is outrageous. Sure this year there are only four weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas but that is no reason to forget to be thankful. I decided to start counting my blessings today.

I am blessed to have plenty of food to eat, many options, and most of it I do not have to prepare. My husband is the cook in our house and enjoys all that goes along with cooking a great meal. I do contribute, I bake the pies. This year we are going to only have family for Thanksgiving, which means we will only have two or three kinds of pie. I remember my ‘broke days’ when I lived on a very tight budget and dessert was a luxury I only experienced during holidays at home. Pie is a blessing and indeed it is also a weight gain curse!

I am blessed to be able to enjoy time with my family over food, and we enjoy the leftovers that abundance provides. In past years we have had people join us who would not be able to be with their won family during the week, so we asked them to join us. Who do you know that might be alone with no one to share their thanksgiving meal? Have you asked? Being open to sharing your day is like being open to sharing pie.

I believe that when we give a slice out of our pie we are not one piece short, we are somehow blessed in the future for giving of what we have to those who need a piece of pie. It might sound silly but never underestimate the power of a piece of pie. Meeting people’s personal needs – food, friendship, pie – that is where kindness starts and where we are all reminded that we are worthy of being blessed and able to bless others.

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