Decorated Letters…Two Bs or Not Two Bs?

First B
Second B
Third B

We are in the forty-seventh week of our year long calligraphy challenge and the prompt was anything to do with decorated letters. I instantly thought about gilding, ancient manuscripts and colorful letters. I didn’t want to do the first thing that came to mind, so I thought about what letters to do and in what style.

I started my juices flowing by creating a ‘diagram’ of what the letter B is supposed to look like on black paper (gel pens and graphite). I then went a bit more traditional with the B covered in bamboo (watercolor and micron), and figured that Two Bs was not enough so I created a third one using a gel print. As my last name starts with a B I figured you can never have enough Bs. So not only two Bs but three!

Sometimes a challenge means you get to play around, do different things and finally decide to use all you have created. Too often in life it can be hard to choose just one thing. We are told it is great to focus and be an expert in one thing however creativity is usually spurred when we step away from our usual world and venture into the unknown. Only doing one thing well has the potential to limit us and leave us bored and flat.

Some of the most interesting people I know have multiple things they like to do on top of whatever they do to make a living. Their work may be interesting yet it is what they do outside of work that makes them fascinating people to know. The more they do the more fun they are to know. It takes energy and an ability to juggle in order to make multiple things work, and those who want to be more find a way to do more. They keep going and trying and doing things, stretching themselves into a better person each time they act. From the outside it can look a little schizophrenic yet on the inside they are focused on stretching themselves into a better version of themselves.

Take time this week to stretch yourself and do something, anything that is not your normal fare. Two Bs are definitely better than one.

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  1. I like the architectural blueprint of the first B. Obviously, B for Bailey. AB, you should do (I know you have alrady done something like it) the alphabet of the Bible.


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