Grinding, Grinding, Grinding Away

I sat in a restaurant that was a converted grain mill. These huge mechanisms were left in the building and provided such great ambiance. As I looked up and thought about the loads and loads of grain that were processed through these wheels, I though about how hard work can feel like you’re just grinding it out.

Day after day after day turning the same way getting things done, until you suddenly realize the day, the week or the month has slipped away without you even realizing it. When your nose is to the grind stone it can be hard to look up and notice anything else. Sometimes hard work is the only option you have when working towards the end goal.

Today I was reminded that grinding things out has a worthwhile purpose and all too often is what keeps things going. In all things someone has to do the work, someone has to get their hands dirty, someone has to grind it out to get things done. Maybe today is the day it’s your turn to do the work. Don’t fret. don’t fume, simply do the work and get it done.

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