The Power of One Simple Idea

Traveling through an airport today I noticed this display in a coffee shop. I was struck by the different pieces of vintage luggage then realized I grew up with my Mom having the yellow American Tourister set. There it was fright in front of me, in great shape, on display and now being called ‘vintage’ . I was transported back to childhood when we would take the luggage to the car before a big trip or when I took it to Girl Scout camp. The stories that luggage could tell if it could only speak.

I stood there a few minutes admiring the display with all the different versions and the inventiveness of each style, shape and color. I then gave silent thanks to the person who put wheels on luggage and made our travel lives so much better. We used to drag our luggage and now we simply move along pulling our bags on wheels right behind us. Amazing!

One idea completely reinvented an entire industry. By adding wheels and a handle suddenly travel was easier for all ages. Old and young alike can ‘carry’ their bag right through security, onto the flight, then all around on their travel adventures. Putting wheels on luggage meant being able to bring anything that will fit whether you can lift it or carry it a long distance. And the wheels meant less fatigue and more energy to go and see and explore. Genius!

As I walked down the concourse to my gate I noticed a three year old boy pulling along his Buzz Lightyear suitcase, proudly and strongly occasionally bumping into unsuspecting chairs and table legs. His parents kept their eyes on him and did not interfere when he stumbled into a trash can, and the little boy was having a blast being a big boy walking all by himself with his luggage. Again I gave thanks for the person who put wheels on luggage. There is power in a simple idea, and it can change the world.

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