Like Drinking Water Out of a Fire Hose!

We are starting a new project at our house which involves building a new space on our property. I have met with our County Development office twice now and it was like drinking water out of a fire hose. The information came flooding out and I couldn’t write or process fast enough to get it all down. Whew! It was a bit overwhelming and a bit hilarious at the same time. After I had a few days to process the information I feel much better and know that this will take time and patience.

We have begun the process of engaging ‘experts’ who will help us fulfill our ideas and the needs of the county. It feels a bit daunting, and if I had not been down this road before I would probably be in the corner huddled into a little ball sobbing. But I have been down this road before, I have done things that were daunting, and I have seen amazing things happen when the right people come together in the course of bringing an idea to life. So challenge accepted!

Nothing worth doing is ever truly easy, it takes hard work and time, and of course money. It takes knowing the right people and who to ask about doing what and being willing to ask for help, clarification and time to put the pieces together. It takes patience and courage and an ability to ride an emotional roller coaster while the ups and downs cross your path, beat you down and then build you back up. Having been down this road a couple times I have a good idea of what to expect and know that the unexpected will show up more than we care to imagine.

As I sit back and read through the mounds and mounds of forms and paperwork, my head spins. So I keep my spirits focused on the end result and know that the water hose will slow down eventually. I remind myself to have courage and take it one step at a time, and next time bring a rain poncho to the meeting.

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