Man’s Best Friend…

The prompt for our forty-sixth week in our calligraphy challenge was the phrase ‘man’s best friend’. It infers something about dogs, yet many people took it in different directions. As we have one year old puppies I had no problem finding some words about dogs. My husband feeds the dogs in the morning and at night, and when I come downstairs they usually try to give me a face of starvation, hence with week’s phrase. (I added a photo of them below) I utilized Zig Clean Color brush markers on Strathmore mixed media paper. The spacing of the lettering is a bit wonky, I realized I must have been hungry and my hand shook a bit, which is a good reminder to me to eat before I work for hours on end.

We’ve all been lied to in our lives whether we care to admit it or not. It is a good lesson to learn that not everyone always tells the truth. As we grow up we gain insights and instincts that help us decipher the truth from a lie. Not all lies are spoken, some are by omission. Either way the truth has not been served. As the old saying goes first time shame on you, second time shame on me. Once lied to it is hard to earn back trust and respect.

I had a boss that lied by omission. He thought he was being clever and that no one was smart enough to put the pieces together when he told his version of the truth. Once I figured out this ‘practice’ as he called it I knew it was time to polish up my resume and find another employer. I found it hard to put my professional life in the hands of someone who was such a game player. Give me a straight shooter any day, even if it is blunt and shocking at least it is the truth.

I’m not sure all liars totally understand the implications of their tales. I realized long ago that from some their version of the truth is the truth and they see nothing wrong with leaving out details or facts that may color the story towards a different slant. What they said was their truth and that is all that matters, who cares who it hurts along the way. These are the people I quickly learned to avoid when it came to important or life altering events.

Each day we have a choice to present ourselves and events as we see them. Just because it did not turn out the way we wanted doesn’t mean we have the right to alter the story to support the view we are trying to impart. I guess this saying about feeding our dogs could be true for any one – the media, the internet, colleagues, family, even ourselves. Fact is fact so do not believe their lies!

This is what the dogs look like when they want to fool me into feeding them again…


  1. @The Oracle Pro Sports Handicapper yeah very strange it’s the only book I have an issue with I have bet online,5 dimes, my bookie and no issues idk lol


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