Slow Down to Notice the Clues

I do not think this was planned, yet when I left a large event there was an entire aisle of white cars parked in the parking lot. They were lined up as if in an advertisement or for commercials. Different makes and models and yet all bright, clean and white. I stood there and stared at them for a few minutes to absorb what I was seeing. I actually laughed out loud as no one else noticed this strange sight. I seemed to be the only one who saw it.

Then I remember this feeling from a couple events earlier in my career. At those points I had also seen something that no one else noticed and in those cases I was told that I was wrong or crazy, or both. So I let it go and the thing that I saw in all cases was an indicator of changing times and those who told me to be quiet were caught off guard. I was the only one who saw the signs and saw it coming.

It can be hard to be the only one who sees something. Not everyone understands or believes that you saw it let alone want to understand what it means. With such busy lives we all too often keep our heads down and have no time or energy to look forward to notice things that are strange. Our heads are full of our own lives and we miss the signs that life is giving us. The company that is restructuring and suddenly jobs are lost. The relationship that is weary and crumbling because someone is too busy with their own life to invest in a life together. A child who slowly disappears into their room only to have it chocked up to puberty and the signs of loneliness and depression are missed.

If we pull our heads up and notice things the sudden changes of life may not be so sudden. It means paying attention to something other than ourselves and thinking enough to put random events together to create a picture of the situation. Sure it may mean nothing, but is your life worth taking the risk that it is nothing? Instead why not take a deep breath and slow down to notice the clues that life is telling you? Your life is worth it.

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