It’s a Cold Day in Georgia

I grew up in the North and have intentionally chosen to live in the South as it is usually warmer. Not this week. We were in the teens last night and may not experience much warmer nights for a week or more.

As everyone woke up today it is amazing to see people’s reactions to being cold. Some people exclaimed, complained and took great joy in including everyone around them in their annoyance. Some people simply put on a sweater, drank more hot beverages and keep going as if nothing was different. And some people had fun being cold in Georgia as they are from somewhere else and did not realize how cold it could get in the South. I learned long ago to prepare for varying temperatures when I travel, so I usually have multiple layers at the ready; this proved to be a very wise packing move for the week.

I observed people over breakfast and their reactions to the temperature. I was reminded that people will be people and there will always be weather. These two simple facts reminded me that we behave in ways that reveal what is important to us. When we exclaim, complain and pull others into our experience we assume that they want to go where we are going, we assume our reaction is like their own, and we assume that they want to share in our words and actions. What is important to this person is to process what is happening to them with others, whether the others agree or not. When people simply behave as normal adjusting their clothing or beverages to supplement their ability to stay warm, they are processing the challenge internally and do not feel the need to include others. Either way people will reveal themselves by the way they behave.

So what does your behavior today reveal about what is important to you? How do you react when the weather changes, and how does your reaction impact others? No matter what we do or where we go, there will always be weather. We can let it happen to us or we can prepare and adapt to the surprise that weather brings. Either way the people in our world will understand us better by reading how we react.

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