The Possibilities Are Endless

While we were in Japan we visited an art supply store that had a huge selection of pigment. Pigment is what artists use to mix and create their own colors. As you can see from this display the possibilities are endless. It is awe inspiring and then it settles in that in order to create what you want you have to pick a pigment and get started. It is that moment that most people gulp deeply and settle into the choosing process. It can be overwhelming to know where to begin in order to be successful.

This pigment wall reminds me of the times in my life when I stood at a cross road and had to choose how to proceed. So many choices, so many possibilities, and whichever path gets chosen will impact everything moving forward. All that power and responsibility contributes to making the choice that much more difficult. I found it daunting to know that I had lots of options and felt paralyzed by the implications my choices would make on the rest of my life.

So how did I proceed? How did I ever know what I wanted to do when standing at that cross road? It hit me as I reviewed and analyzed and thought about the life I wanted that we are in life where we have chosen to be, which means if we do not like where we are make different choices. I would remind myself that life is not about right or wrong choices, it is about being able to live with the choices we make and their consequences. No one can predict with one hundred percent certainty that every choice will work out exactly as predicted, that’s ridiculous.

Life is about living with the chances you have taken and making them work or dealing with the fall out when they do not work. Life is about being equipped and prepared to live with the implications of our decisions long after the emotions experienced while making the decision are gone. Knowing all this I felt better about making a step, then another, then another, until I found myself moving towards a direction.

When faced with big choices, an over abundance of choices or only a couple options, start by asking yourself who you want to be and how will this choice help you become that person. Maybe the choice isn’t the real challenge, the real challenge is facing who you are and who you want to become and bridging the gap between the two.

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