Being Together is Enough

We are blessed when we have relationships in our life where being together is enough. There doesn’t need to be a grand event, a special activity or anything actually going on, we simply like being together. Our puppies Biscuit and Gravy have this kind of relationship and we find it gratifying when we see them just hanging out.

We live in a world that has become very activity and experience focused. Everyone wants to ‘do’ the latest and greatest thing – hang gliding, mountain climbing, apple picking, sky diving, antiquing or anything to have something different or new to experience. Having something to do gives people activities to talk about, common experiences to relate to, and even allows time to pass without having to actually interact or talk about ourselves or our relationship.

Activity does provide a safe format for building friendships, colleagues, even a great way to get to know family in a new and different way. Doing things together helps us break the ice and can open the door for conversations about a common topic. Activity can also prevent us from digging deeper in the relationship because we are too busy doing other things. Being busy doing stuff doesn’t allow us to share ourselves beyond a surface level. Unless the activity entails danger or discomfort too much to do can prevent us from being real.

Who are the relationships in your life where being together is enough? Who do you spend time with enjoying a place or silence or nothing at all? Who do you want to get to know better so that you can sit and enjoy simply being together? And one last question, what relationship do you want to change to be able to enjoy their company not just doing a bunch of things to pass time together?

In all we do the best parts involve being with people. It is our choice as to how we spend time with those people and how well we get to know who they really are inside. Choose today to enjoy people and simply being with them, it changes everything including you!

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