Our calligraphy challenge for week forty-five was to create a kaleidoscope. I am traveling and found myself a little short of resources, so I utilized what I had. I used anything in my hotel room – from coffee cups to small shampoo bottles – to create circles. I usually travel with an abundance of pens so finding the right colors was not a challenge. I had fun making as many circles as I thought this page could handle.

Sometimes you have to improvise. Sometimes your circumstances do not give you very many options. Sometimes the limitations of our situation forces us to be creative and clever beyond what we thought the situation allowed. What is the old saying, necessity is the mother of invention. I suppose this week I was reminded that limitations are not always detrimental to the creative process, in fact limitations are often what brings out our best creative ideas.

I used to think that traveling would hinder my ability to continue in this weekly challenge. After almost two years I have experienced that travel only limits a few of the tools I have at my disposal and forces me to think very differently about the ‘how’ of getting things done. I am reminded that you do with what you have no matter the place, the tools or the facilities. If you want to do something none of those things will be able to prevent you from doing it, the only real barrier is your own thought process and self imposed limitations.

So bring on the barriers, limitations and restrictions and watch the creativity flow as long as you do not limit yourself and your own idea of what should be done.

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