The Power in the Words We Choose

As a calligrapher and avid reader I am a huge fan of all things related to words. Letters, quotes, poetry, books, novels and all those things have helped me understand over the years the power in the words we choose to speak and allow into our minds. I have said it before and will say it again, words are our greatest assets and our most powerful weapon.

Let me give you an example. In earlier days I encountered someone who was unkind. They spoke words of cruelty and control with the hope that those words would jumble my ability to think clearly about myself and my life. I’ve stop telling those tales because the more I repeat those episodes and days the more power they have; instead I choose to forgive and forget which means leaving all those unkind words behind allowing myself to be a victor not a victim. I stopped playing the tapes and amazingly enough they are virtually invisible.

I met a woman who had a son who measured on the Autism spectrum and had physical disabilities to boot. She spent the first fifteen years of his life just getting him through the day to day activities of living, so there was no time for herself. She stopped listening to the people who wanted to shower her with words of pity in order to focus her energy on her son. Now that he is fully able to care for himself she is learning to speak and act to nurture herself. She told me she uses words and quotes to keep her mind focused on what she has not the things she cannot control.

I know I have written about this topic often and I thank you for continuing to read the words I choose to write. Whatever we say, whatever we hear, whatsoever we choose to let into our brains has the power to make or break us. It is a powerful choice, so let this post be a reminder to choose wisely. Let the words you say to others and the words you say to yourself be sources of peace, encouragement, kindness. Let them have the ability to change the day into a better one.

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