A Blender Lamp: Repurposing Ingenuity

We went to an antique show this weekend and strolled through all the aisles. We stopped in front of this booth and were amazed by the creativity. The vendor had turned old blenders into lamps, brilliant! I remember when my Mom got a new blender and it was the latest and greatest model, a real improvement, the very model of innovation. Here I saw that same ingenuity being repurposed to a completely different level.

Now if you had told me that one day our blender would be a really cool lamp, I probably would have laughed at you. The thought of trying to light a space with a blender seems not only silly but rather unrealistic, and yet here on this table sit dozens Of blender lamps all of which at one time did something very, very different.

Change is hard, we all know that. Innovation and out of the box can be even harder. Repurposing, reinventing, and reimagining is way out there. It takes courage and a lot of hope to believe that one thing that has one simple purpose can be transformed into a completely different thing with a bit of hard work and ingenuity. It’s like moving to a new place or finding a new job or redecorating your favorite room; sure it can be done after someone has the crazy idea to change everything. The imagining is the hard part, once the idea of something new has been accepted hard work is all that is left. Add patience, persistence on top of that hard work and you have an idea that will stop people in their tracks, sort of like a blender lamp.

So what portion of your life needs to be reinvented? What do you want to give up to get to a new place in your own life? And what radical, zany or unbelievable idea needs your hard work and persistence to be brought to life? If I can stand in front of a booth full of blender lamps anything is possible, just be willing to repurpose your own ingenuity.

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