When Big Dog Meets Big Dog

In is interesting to watch what happens when a big dog meets another big dog. Most places and circumstances are not big enough for two big dogs so someone has got to give in, step aside, or let the other dog have the day. This fellow thought he was a big dog until he met a dog of his same size who thought he was bigger…the barking fest was loud and long. Eventually this guy stepped back and moved out of the way.

The same holds true for people. When loud people meet loud people it can be painful to hear the escalation of sound while each one tries to out loud the other. When a talker meets a talker someone has got to stop talking and be a listener otherwise the room only ends up with a lot of hot air and no progress. And when quiet people meet quiet people someone has got to talk in order for communication to take place, silence rarely gets your ideas across.

We would all like to believe that we are the big dog and others will understand that, when in reality they may think the same thing about themselves. In my experience the truly gifted leaders do not have to be the big dog or tell you they are the big dog, their actions and mindset tells it all. Because they are great leaders they have no need to compete or be the winner, they understand that bringing out people’s best is a win win for everyone. They have no need to bark or growl they simply listen and navigate in the best way possible for everyone to be part of the win. Gifted leaders are content to be themselves no matter who is in the room.

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