The Courage to Change is not for Sissies!

It takes courage to see when your glass is half empty due to the choices you have made in your life, or how the lives of others are impacting your world. It takes guts to want to function with a full glass when the world is working everyday to drain your glass. This means change and changing your life is not for sissies.

I spoke to three different women today who are at turning points in their lives, different turning points for very different reasons and yet turning points none the less. One is still thinking about the change, another is already acting upon her intention to change, and the third has said what she wants to change for the first time out loud to someone else. Each in her own right is facing the thought that there may be something better and more challenging to help her be a better version of herself. It means admitting that their current reality is not enough and they want, need, deserve something more.

We’ve all been at this point sometime or another in life. It is the essence of what growing up and becoming self aware is all about. We do things and learn things about the world, ourselves and others that help shape our thoughts and actions. We try, we fail, we try again, we fail some more and in that process we grow, change and become. Change means leaving behind what we thought worked, or what once worked, and having just a glimmer of hope that making a change will help us find what really works for us. It means being willing to take a chance and try in order to make ourselves and our world better.

So hooray for the people who are willing to see their glass as half empty and are willing to do something about it. Hooray for those who want to change, and hooray for those of us blessed to support them in this process. It is like watching a cocoon open and seeing a butterfly for the first time…it isn’t a simple or easy process but BOY is it worth it!

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