Sometimes Grinding Away is Your Best Option

Gravy is doing his darndest here to conquer that plastic bone. It is one he has been working on since he got here. To his chagrin and our elation he has not been able to eat it in eleven months. Every once in a while he will lose it in the grass, then finds it to only begin trying to wear it to nothing all over again. For a one year old Labrador puppy this is hard work, and worth every minute.

Sometimes grinding away is your best option, your only option, the option you are able to complete over and over again. Hard work is a great place to start and end when working towards a goal. For some reason we have become a people that seems to have shun hard work or anything that may look like work. We have automated our houses, our cars, our personal lives and even the procurement of food. If you never wanted to leave your house again you could do it and live a five star lifestyle. Sure automations save time that is spent doing other things, however it also has robbed us of the ability to appreciate a hard job well done and the satisfaction that derives. There is nothing better than working hard, sweating, toiling and grunting to get something done that was daunting when you started; when the job is complete the internal sense of pride is immeasurable.

When you do not know where to start, try hard work. When you are not sure how to fill in the gaps of what you do not know how to do, start by rolling up your sleeves and digging into the job. When you find yourself a little upset, depressed, or unsure of yourself and your skills get started on a job or task that will push you to your limits, once things are on their way you will be amazed at how your problems will seem to disappear. Hard work, grinding it out, pushing your own mental and physical boundaries will serve you well and provide hours of character and attitude adjustment to boot.

Usually after a good wrestling match with this plastic bone Gravy takes a nap. Any pent up frustrations or energy is long gone and he dreams of the day when that bone is gone. Let several hours of hard work do the same for you, then maybe take a nap!

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