Discombobulated About Time

We changed our clocks for Daylight Savings Time and we find ourselves struggling a bit with the change. It was not even seven o’clock and we were all feeling ready for bed, even our puppies are ‘light’ challenged. Because of the time change it is going to take some time to get back to a steady state.

Isn’t it amazing how a one hour change can throw things off so greatly. That one hour has changed the light, our sense of time and our ability to feel like ourselves. It doesn’t seem like a big thing yet it has had a huge impact. It will probably take a few weeks for us to get back in the groove.

It might sound obvious yet today reminds me about how change makes people feel. It makes them feel awkward, ‘off’ and discombobulated. Change also means that people will be less productive and feeling a bit uncertain about what is happening. It is at times like these that it is important to create an environment for solid and open communication. People need to be able to share their discomfort even if they do not totally understand why they are uncomfortable. No matter what positive things change brings it always makes people uncertain and that uncertainty flows over into other areas of life. Once change can splash uncertainty all over life without people even realizing that the change is why they just feel off.

Make a mental note, when you want to make a change it will impact people in ways you had not anticipated. Give them time and a place to share their concerns and vent about being discombobulated. It will make the current change go better and it will help the people navigate what they are experiencing.

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