Things That Go Bump in the Night…

It’s week forty-four of the calligraphy challenge, which happened to hit on Halloween. The prompt was about things that go bump in the night which seems rather apropos. I went to bed that night and got up later to use the restroom, during that stumblefest I stubbed my toe on the bed and used my own words to create my piece. I actually said this when my toe hit the bed, I woke up the cat and my husband didn’t stir a bit. I utilized a mystery sumi ink brush pen on mixed media paper.

I was told long ago that people who swear are simply letting the world know they have a very limited vocabulary. I must admit that I do swear now and then, especially when I am so frustrated that only a swear word communicates the strength of my emotion. I enjoy it when people ‘swear’ with common terms, for example I heard a man shout ‘cheese and crackers’ once when he dropped his ice cream. I had a friend who would say, ‘shishkebob’ instead of the other word that starts with an ‘S’.

It is how we behave during the unexpected that revels our character and our vocabulary. I suppose the cat woke up as I’m not sure he knew what the word ‘Shozbot!’ meant. I said it to express my pain and surprise and to be a bit more creative in expressing my frustrations. I hope the cat gave me points for creativity!

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