The Unplanned is Often the Best Outcome

Rex is an Australian Herding Dog, about eight months old. Here he has decided to sit on the back of his Mom’s wedding dress as she is leaving her special day. It was an impromptu moment that brought laughter and joy to everyone who saw it happen. This moment will become one of this family photos that lives forever on our walls and in our hearts.

We work so hard to plan and prepare to make sure that everything goes perfectly, when it is the planned and unexpected that brings the charm as well as joy to life. These are the moments that once experienced live in our hearts forever. For these to happen we simply need to pay attention and be open to the unexpected.

It is our ability to let go of our control and our obsession for perfection that allows us to experience the random. Leaving the plan and the process behind is what frees us to experience the joy and elation of these special moments in life. Having fun and feeling free is when we are our best selves, it is when we are able to understand that we have limitations and cannot control everything. Once we understand that, everything else falls into perspective. Freedom comes from giving ourselves the chance to experience something we had no hand in executing.

So here’s to the moments where we have no control, no power to change things, and end up experiencing the joyful extemporaneous elations of life. Here’s to the funny, the silly, the unplanned and the laughter and smiles these timeless moments bring to our lives. I hope you have many more of these today and hope you too can catch them on film to share with all the world!

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