The Magical Power of Food

If you have had any interactions with people you know that food is one of the best ways to get people to bond, commune and build relationships. We celebrated a recent wedding with a Kamayan feast of traditional Philippine food. No silverware, no plates, everyone eating off the table with their hands. Once the guests and bridal party sat down the feasting, experience and merriment began.

It was interesting to watch people eat new foods in an unconventional way. There was hesitancy and a bit of the uncomfortable and everyone had a bit of uncertainty around if they were doing things ‘right’. Once we all realized we were in the same boat – eating with our hands without plates – we jumped in and consumed anything we wanted that was in front of us. As people figured out what they liked they began migrating down the table to eat their favorite items from the other end of the table.

For meetings, events or any human interaction to be successful there needs to be food and drink. It doesn’t necessarily matter if what people consume is of the highest grade, just the fact that everyone is eating together and talking is where the magic happens. I bought Moon Pies and had served pop and everyone ate them one afternoon, and everyone enjoyed being together and having a treat. So no matter what it is people like to eat.

You know this, you’ve experienced this. You know the power of food and drink to create teams and bond people and to form a foundation for relationships that last a lifetime. Whether the food is expensive or economical, food is food and it’s power is undeniable. So let our feasting experience serve as a reminder to bring out the food, serve the people, and let the magic do its thing. Trust in the process and let the feasting begin!

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