Let Them Eat Cake!

It is the morning after a family wedding and everyone heads straight for the cake. It is one of those family bonding moments when we feel elated, wicked and devious in consuming cake for breakfast. Everyone grabs a plate, a fork, then takes turns cutting the size piece they want for their morning meal. The young teenagers look at the adults and wonder what has happened to all propriety? They suddenly realize that all bets are off and cake is allowed on this post wedding morning.

We were blessed to have several generations staying at our home. There is something incredible that happens when people sleep on sofas and rest in guest beds only to wake and spend more time with the ones they love. Card games and silly stories, tales of family events long gone and the sharing of personal elements all work together to create a bond that distance and time cannot remove. Never underestimate the power of bringing people together in a place that allows them to be themselves.

Be it a work environment or a family event, allowing people to be together for a couple days to share a task and be themselves THAT is how family and teams are built. It takes time, a common goal and a place where the rules are bent if only for a day. If you want to bring people closer, let them eat cake for breakfast and build a common bond around bending the rules together.

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