We are in week forty-two of our calligraphy challenge and the prompt was a paragraph. Instead of just doing a word or phrase we had to write at least six lines of continuous text. I found this quote and layed it out long and lean with parallel right and left edges. I utilized a metallic red gel pen and sumi ink with a brush on Strathmore calligraphy paper.

I believe that we can each find within ourselves things that relationships with others help enhance and fulfill beyond what we imagined possible. That could be a family relationship, a romantic relationship or one of a dear friend. No matter the source we are better for loving and being loved. Love is not always pretty or convenient or something we see in the package in which it arrives, and yet love will transform the worst in us into our greatest attribute if we let it.

It is also amazing what happens when people love what they do. It brings out their passion, their enthusiasm, their courage and their ability to inspire others. Nothing is worse than spending your days doing something simply for a paycheck or having nothing to do but wait for your days to end. Doing something you love brings meaning and joy to your hours and usually means you never really check what hour it is.

No matter what form it takes love will bring out our best and allow us to be the person we always wanted to be…so let love in no matter it’s form, let it come in sloppy dog kisses or talkative relatives. Love in every form is what makes the world a place worth experiencing.

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