A Beautiful, Rainy, Storming Plan B

Today my nephew got married and our Gallery served as the venue. We strung twinkle lights then set up tents for an outside wedding. It spit a little rain earlier in the afternoon and we thought we were in the clear until about an hour before start time…that is when the flood gates opened, the sky poured buckets, and everything that was planned went down the drain, literally.

Plan B, move the entire wedding inside as the tents were not keeping things dry. Everyone moved quickly, the Officiant didn’t miss a beat, and everything went forward. The only real challenge was a soggy wedding dress. They are married, we had a Kamayan feast to celebrate and the cakes were yummy! What was amazing was that within ten minutes everything had changed and everyone did whatever they could to pull off plan B.

The key to success in life is how you handle plan B. None of us can boast that everything we did always worked out perfectly, no one. It is how you handle the unexpected and what you do when things go wrong that truly show your character and what is important to you. Being able to pivot is what teaches us our possibilities and our abilities. Getting to the other side of disaster is where we build our own confidence and cement our strengths.

I posted this calligraphy piece I did as a part of my #Inktober work. I dedicate it to the married couple to remind them that no matter the weather or circumstances their wedding day was a success, they got married and were surrounded by loved ones. The sun was shining for us all as we sent them on their way and had ourselves a beautiful day…even if it was all about plan B.

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  1. Beautiful is written so beautifully!! Happy married life to your nephew 😉

    BTW, if you have time, please visit my blog and if you like my posts, please follow my blog. I will #FollowforFollow 🙂


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