Amazing What a Little Light Can Do

We’re getting ready for a wedding this weekend, so we spent part of the day putting up twinkle lights. What a difference a little light can do for a place. As the sun set we all spent time coming in and out of the house to admire the lights. Young and old were mesmerized by the transformation, and my twelve year old great nephew said he thought the light made everything look bigger and better. Between the twinkle lights and burning twigs in the fire pit the time we spent working hard and cleaning up was a blast?

We forget that hard wok brings an immense sense of satisfaction. Sure you can pay people to do things, which means you miss out on that special moment when you step back and admire your work. Being able to experience an indescribable moment of self pride in a job well done solidifies work ethic. I made one of my nephews wash windows. He didn’t like it or me when I made him wash them all, and yet his face beamed when he told his great grandmother that he cleaned all the windows. He stood a bit taller when she thanked him and told him what a nice job he had done. If we had just paid someone he would never have experienced that moment of self confidence and pride.

When we take the easy way out we rob ourselves and others of an opportunity to grow and learn their own limitations and endless horizons. Sure it can be tough to get a twelve year old to wash the windows, I felt like a real meanie. I kept on him and he dawdled a bit until he knew I would not let him not finish. Once he was done he told everyone how he cleaned them all by himself.

Never underestimate the power of hard work and twinkle lights. Both have the ability to add magic to the mundane and life to a place or person.

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