Between ‘Shotgun!!!’ and Leaf Blowers

I experienced the changing of the guard this afternoon. We have family visiting for a wedding and my two new great nephews were riding in the car. As we got back in the car, one called out, “Shotgun!” And without a blink everyone knew exactly what it meant. “Shotgun” means I get to sit in the passenger side of the front seat. I later heard the discussion between the boys about how important it is to be the one in the front seat and the envy of everyone stuck in the backseat. Shades of me and my brothers fighting for the front seat. Amazing how forty years later the sibling rivalry and need to win remains a part of the sibling pecking order.

Later today my youngest great nephew wanted to learn how to handle the backpack leaf blower. I was gong to blow leaves and he wanted to learn how to do it. I gave him a few pointers, started the blower, taught him how to handle it, then away he went. At that moment I totally understood why you have children who eventually turn into teenagers who will do chores. Shades of my brothers and I learning to mow the lawn and handle the weed wacker. Another moment that repeats itself in the next generation.

Time marches on and children do experience the same rites of passage as previous generations. It is a joy to know that you had some part in helping them become the men they will become, even if it is only teaching them how to start and handle the leaf blower. Between ‘Shotgun’ and leaf blowers time marches on!

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