The Transforming Powers of a Kimono

Smart retailers in Japan have started renting kimono for men and women to wear as part of experiencing Japan. It has become very popular for both genders and it is a beautiful sight to see the different colors an patterns through the cities.

As we traveled we noticed an interesting phenomenon. The gangly boys looked more mature and less awkward. They struggled with wearing the gata sandals, but they managed. There was a HUGE difference with the girls. No matter the young woman, no matter her size, her shape, her confidence level or how pretty she felt in regular clothes, something magical happened when she put on a kimono. Suddenly she was elegant, graceful, beautiful and charming. It was as if the kimono served as a fairy princess transformation portal converting every woman into an exquisite geisha. Women across the land were able to turn the internal beauty within themselves into outward elegance for everyone to see.

If I had a wish for women throughout the world it would be for them to experience if only for one day the transformation of wearing a traditional kimono. Then they would know that no matter their appearance that they are beautiful and everyone knows it. The elements they bring to the table would be there for everyone to see – smarts, beauty, intelligence, creativity, wisdom, charm – and their own unique characteristics would be validated and confirmed like never before. No exceptions, no hesitations, every woman would feel outside as beautiful as they are inside. It is the transformation power of a kimono, a power no woman should miss.


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