We Are All Basically the Same

No matter the school or the outing, trying to take a class photo is like herding cats in any country. No one is paying attention, no one follows the instructions, and no one really wants to be in the photo. The Teacher with the backpack is doing his darnedest to get everyone in line, his next instruction was for everyone to remove their hat, only about half the class got it the first time he said it. I had to laugh as I can remember many school outings and a frustrated teacher who we ignored most of the time.

As we toured temples and shrines we saw lots of school groups and families, couples and individuals taking photos, selfies and enjoying the sights. We saw every nationality and heard so many languages that we realized we are all basically the same. We all want to see the sight, talk about it with our companions and we want to have a special moment we can remember once we leave. We are all basically the same even though we may speak a different language and come from a different land.

I was reminded of the different perspectives of people and yet the similarities in what we want. Everyone loves their family and wants to enjoy an outing. Everyone wants to see things and talk about it with their companions, and everyone wants to document it on film. Be it a class trip or a family vacation, a company meeting or a board meeting, we all want to get things done and have fun. It may often feel like herding cats, so let patience be the word of the day, and of course repeat the instructions multiple times. Eventually the cats will get in line.

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