Clouds and Jetlag

Over centuries these carvings of clouds have survived the elements to continue to bring joy and serenity to the world. A very tenanted and diligent wood worker carved this deign not knowing the millions of people that would see the beauty of their efforts. These clouds remind me of rest and peacefulness.

We spent a couple weeks in Japan and are home now struggling to overcome jet lag. It’s pretty bad. I am working hard to stay up until at least eight o’clock. If I can do it I then hope to be able to sleep five or six hours in a redo to get back on track. As I keep moving I am reminded of these soft fluffy clouds and how restful they appear, like my pillow calling me to bed.

Good news is my husband is struggling with jet lag as well. The other good news is that time will eventually be on our side. Like these clouds that survived for centuries we can survive jet lag. So until I am able to wait to sleep at normal hours I will keep good thoughts, ancient clouds and restful sleep in my thoughts.

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