Somebody Has to Do the Hard Work

We are in the process of building a Japanese garden in our back area. It is naturally covered with moss which grows and spreads all on it’s own. Over the past couple years I have found myself challenged with keeping the weeds and leaves out of the moss. Yesterday at a temple in Kyoto I saw this woman and a couple others weeding the moss. I was relieved and felt validated that even the master gardeners in Japan must work hard to keep the moss looking beautiful.

As I enjoyed the beauty of the rest of the temple I thought long and hard about all the workers it takes to make everything serene and these are the people we never see. In ten years of traveling to Japan this is the first time I have ever seen anyone working with the moss. No matter the place or the setting or the season, somebody has to do the hard work. Beauty and peacefulness, quiet and orderliness take a lot of solitary work that someone has to get done, most of the time without anyone even noticing.

No matter who you are or what job you do, someone has got to do the invisible jobs in order for things to get done. There is hard work in producing excellence and that hard work is often nasty, dirty, time consuming and not very fun. And yet someone has to get on their hands and knees and do the work so that beauty, serenity and joy can be experienced by everyone.

Today I give thinks for the men and women who diligently weed the moss so that I can stand in awe and enjoy the amazing color and majesty that is a Japanese temple.

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