Mind Your Manners

Japan is getting ready to host the 2020 Olympics. This sign greeted us at the Koriyama train station. When you read the pointers it sounds like common sense, but common sense does not guarantee common practice so the Japanese choose to remind everyone of expected behaviors.

I was raised by two Southerners who taught us manners. It meant saying things like please and thank you and thinking of how to treat others on a consistent basis. When we did not behave or use our manners we were reminded how important manners are to building relationships with people. Good manners are a sign of respect and a reminder of how important it is when we treat people.

Whether we know it or not we have habits and behaviors that impact others without us realizing how it makes them feel. When we are disrespectful or disrespected it impacts our future interactions, which in turn impacts our ability to perform. Manners help us show others that we can be trusted and respected. I find it sad that there has to be a sign to remind people how to behave in public, as if they wouldn’t know unless they were told. However, the sign does set the standard for everyone to understand without any doubt.

Think about the last time you were treated with manners and respect? How did it make you feel…remember that moment so you know why manners make such a difference.

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