Someone Had to Wrap All Those Boxes

Japanese hotels are amazing examples of hospitality, beauty and efficiency. This little box greeted us in our hotel room, inside were three heart shaped vanilla cookies to welcome us to the room. I love this as it is a great example of how the Japanese think of everything, and they think about doing it better and more beautifully than most other cultures. Each place we stay reminds us that we are in a country that values doing things with supreme excellence.

My husband and I are traveling and it is our big annual trip. Obviously we are in Japan, this time visiting family and dear friends. We save for these two weeks for about eighteen months in order to pay cash all along the way. Knowing we have this goal sometimes other fun things to do are greeted with a ‘No’ simply so we can keep saving for weeks like these. As I road the train this morning I was glad we saved as we have no spending limitations and have the ability to not worry about money. Our actions for the last year and a half have matched our words…hooray for us!

Our actions need to be a reminder to others of what we value, they need to match our words and support what we believe. If we say we value excellence then everything we do needs to exhibit excellence. If we say we value family then the way we spend our time and our money needs to support that proclamation. If we say we want to be the best at what we do, then we need to be committed to doing whatever it takes to do what we do best. The small actions we do everyday need to support the life we claim to want to live.

Actions matching our words is easier said than done. It can be hard to live up to the people we claim to be even after the emotion behind our words is long gone. It is the daily, boring, mundane things we do that really communicate who we are and what we believe, even if we never meet the people who will experience what we have done. It is wrapping up a small box of cookies to welcome people to a new place that tell them in no uncertain terms that they are welcome and valued. Somewhere along the way someone had to wrap all those boxes of cookies, THAT is excellence.

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