Knowing When to Ask for Help

This couple was climbing the steps at Sazaedo Temple in Aizuwakamatsu, Japan. Both in their eighties they were not daunted by the hundreds of steps to get to the top, yet she needed a bit of patience and assistance to reach the top. It was sweet to watch this couple navigate the centuries old steps together.

As we waited quietly for them to reach the top, not wanting to interfere in their trek, we chatted about loyalty, patience and that everyone needs help once in a while. It was great to see a woman who had no problem asking for help graciously accept it in public. Pride was not a fault she was dealing with in any way.

Wisdom is knowing when you need help and humility is knowing when to ask for it. Being able to employ both wisdom and humility allows us to go beyond our own limitations to reach new heights. No one ever reaches a goal without the help of others. We may try and we usually fail, and those are the moments when pride gets in our way. This couple reminded me that assistance is a gift to be received graciously, and it is what makes the difference between failure and success in becoming who we are meant to be.

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