Children’s Literature…

Week thirty-nine of our calligraphy challenge and the prompt was something related to a book or story you were read as a child. My husband and I experimented with a Japanese print technique – gyotaku – using a real Bronzini fish. When I was a the prints it made me think of a Dr Seuss book. Between the fish print and the story I had the idea to take this test piece and add a bit of fun in homage to Dr Seuss. I used red block print ink on rice paper and a micron .005 black pen.

One of the great things about being creative is the opportunity to experiment and not be concerned about how it will turn out. Some of my best learning has been when I had an idea and simply let myself play until I learned what I wanted to learn. When I was much earlier in my art journey I would have anxiety about using too many supplies that i could not afford. It was during those times that I had to remind myself that it was only paper and ink and the lessons learned would be worth the effort and expenses. Once I accepted the idea of experimentation being worth it, I never looked back.

When was the last time you let yourself go and didn’t bother to worry about the how or the why or the outcome of your experiments? Giving yourself the freedom to learn and fail and grow says a great deal about your commitment to learn. It is when we are afraid to fail that we prevent ourselves from our greatest lessons. Some of my greatest failures have been the foundations for big leaps in my courage, self confidence and skill levels. So let this piece – one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish – be your reminder to play, fail, and play some more.

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