It is Not All About the Green

Green is a color that is quickly fading from our area. The dry summer months are taking their toll and the leaves are drying up quickly, falling to the ground to reveal the barren branches of Fall. This process reminds me that youth and vitality are temporary concepts, and that everything in nature experiences the aging process.

I was talking with a woman in a hotel lobby, and a very youthful woman walked by in her skimpy outfit. She was thin, very beautiful and skinny as a quick minute. The woman I was talking to leaned over to me and said, “I have three words for that young lady…menopause is coming!” We both laughed and knew exactly what was meant by the comment. If that youthful beauty is fortunate enough she too will see her physical appearance change due to the ravages of time. No one can escape the consequences of the passage of time.

Time is a gift. No one has more than twenty-four hours in a day. It is what we do with our time and energy that matters. While we are full of life it is time to learn and grow and do everything we can to become who we were meant to be. Time will catch up with us soon enough. Let this be your encouragement to go and do and have fun while you are green and growing because ripe and rotten will eventually find us all…so have fun and live life to the fullest while you still feel green and alive.


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