What Two Hours of Darkness Can Do

In this day and age when life is more complex than ever it is nice to know that going to the movies can still appeal to the masses. For a couple hours we are transformed to a different place and time, our imaginations are ignited and the thoughts of our everyday woes disappear. It is even more wonderful when you can share it with people you love.

For me the movies are a simple way to clear my head and refresh my thought processes. I get lost in the story, the costumes, the action and the moments when I can identify with the characters facing similar problems to my own. I enjoy seeing movies on the big screen. The grandness adds to the absorption value and with people I care about the banter and plot twists add to the enjoyment.

I am amazed at what two hours of darkness can do for a group of people. They bring joy, sorrow, laughter and new insights into timeless issues. Somehow watching someone else struggle, get back up and survive makes it easier for us to face our own daily challenges. Even when the movie is less than mediocre the time away from our own lives allows us to gain perspective (even if that perspective is that we did not invest money in the horrible movie!)

Next time you need a break, don’t give it a second thought. Relax, sit down and watch a good movie. If you need a cry, watch one that will make you weep. If you need to lighten things up, watch one that is silly and sure to make your sides hurt from laughing. And when you need to escape find one that makes you forget about your phone, your life, your thoughts and pulls you into the magic. Your mental health and imagination will thank you.

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